FerCore has a specialized team of professionals dedicated to providing a fully integrated shipping and logistics package to its trading partners.


We are committed to solving every type of transportation and logistic related problem, ensuring an efficient, secure and timely solution from source of supply to final destination. The successful loading and unloading of material, including appropriate damage prevention measures, is of great importance.

We specialize in building the proper alliances with ship-owners and obtaining the right vessel combinations and port rotations, thus acquiring the capability to provide a thorough service using vessel, rail and truck. FerCore establish relationships with reputable and reliable carriers and forwarders and employs experienced cargo supers and inspectors where necessary.


OUR OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT is responsible for providing an integrated service to the client, including:

  • Liaising with traders and suppliers regarding availability of material to be shipped
  • Booking freight space for container consignments and chartering vessels for bulk cargoes
  • Arranging with international inspection companies to pre-inspect cargoes and monitor vessel loading operations
  • Issuing shipping documents for presentation under Letters of Credit
  • Checking with banks that documents are ‘clean’ and ensuring that payment is received from the banks